The Groove – Volume 7

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The Groove – Volume 7

Damn it’s hot! It’s Summer once again, which means congregating at the pools, beaches, and other hot spots no longer becomes an afterthought. Or, you can just chill in the AC away from the heat, like me :) Welcome, everyone, to the Summer ’16 edition of The Groove! You already know the deal by now, and if you don’t, check out the past Groove iterations to get caught up to speed. These five tunes that I’ve selected are primed and ready for the Summer, getting you groovin’ in your car, at the beach, pool party, wherever!


JedX – ‘The Only One’
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JedX is a new NuDisco/House producer who has become a favorite of mine in the past couple of months, mainly because of this track. ‘The Only One’ has an infectious deep disco/funk vibe to it, with its arrpeggiated synth stabs and funky bassline. The vocal samples are really the icing on the cake to the whole ensemble. Look out for more from this producer in the future; his stuff will be in my DJ sets this Summer!



Rihanna – ‘Work’ (Jarreau Vandal ‘Vandalized’ Cover)
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If you already know by now, I’m not a big fan of Rihanna’s original material: No, nope, and nah. However, for some reason, when the right producers remix her material (namely, ‘Soulection’ producers *ahem*), her music is shown in a different light…or should I say heard. Jarreau Vandal really flipped this song, up to the point to where I’m actually becoming a fan of her…..hahahaha I’m kidding! But it is a great flip of the original ‘Work’, well worth bumpin’ this Summer on the way to Summertime parties. It’s definitely been on repeat since first hearing it! (You’ll be in luck this Summer, as this one’s on The Groove Combine: Summer ’16 compilation.)



Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – ‘Love Is Free’ (Moon Boots Remix)
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First off, I haven’t heard the original version of this song (which I should definitely get around to), but as of NOW, the Moon Boots remix of this will have to do. And when I say that, I mean it with extreme prejudice. Seriously, Moon Boots can do no wrong when it comes to remixes, and will even bring you to light with artists you’ve never even heard of. Moon Boots has a knack for putting together mellow, yet upbeat and sensual vibes to his remixes; this formula has been working for him and doesn’t seem to let up any steam. Do yourself a favor, and give it a listen.



EKKAH – ‘Last Chance To Dance’
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Another infectious song to groove out to on those nighttime Summer parties, EKKAH’s ‘Last Chance To Dance’ is another one of my favorites. It’s pure chill, deep disco vibes with this one, with both ladies of the EKKAH band laying down their soft, sultry vocals on top. EKKAH has also just released their newest EP with Cali funk producer Dam-Funk, which you can listen to on their Soundcloud page. Another song that can do no wrong.



Guru Doug – ‘Yellow Light’
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Hip hop producer and artist Guru Doug dropped his LP ‘Birthdays and Deathdays’ this year, filled with various boom bap hip hop delight (you can get it here on iTunes ). ‘Yellow Light’ grabbed my attention the most, with its piano sampled and dusty drummed greatness. It just has this chill, loungey Summertime vibe that catches you off guard, having you bob your head while sipping on your Bloody Mary. Another one that will be played in my sets; it’s also on The Groove Combine: Summer ’16 compilation.



Article and selection by:  Dirk Deafner