Feature Model – Corle Bunch

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Feature Model – Corle Bunch

She’s from Sunny Santa Barbara, California.  She has a fresh young look, but she’s anything but new to the modeling game.  In fact, her peers look to her for her opinion and insight before agreeing to any new modeling jobs.  She’s modeled for companies from small and local, to large and international.  Not only has she made an impact in the modeling industry, but now she’s making a name for herself as an actress.  When she’s not in front of the camera, you can most likely find her reading, singing, playing the piano, swimming, or boxing.  Say hello to our feature model of the month, Miss Corle Bunch!

Name:  Corle Bunch
Birth Day:  September 13
Hometown:  Santa Barbara, CA
Ethnicity:  Italian/English/Cherokee
Height:  5’7″
Weight:  105 lbs
Measurements:  32-24-36
Website:  www.corlebunch.com


How long have you been modeling?
6 years.

What do you like most about being a model?
I like feeling like I have control over my schedule, my career path, and my success. There is always a way to make yourself better, to do more, to connect with more people, and to push yourself to the next level.

How did you get into modeling?
I started working as an assistant at an agency when I was 19 years old and immediately started getting kind of thrown into jobs when other models didn’t show up since I was one person the agency knew they could count on to actually be there. Since this is how I began, consistent reliability and professionalism has been absolutely key in the way I conduct myself in my business ever since.

Describe yourself in three words.
Honest, dedicated, loyal.

Tell us your likes or dislikes about modeling.
I like being able to go out and get success and I love seeing my obvious improvement over time. People always comment that it’s a competitive industry, but I feel like that applies to any industry. It’s always those who are willing to go the extra mile and be the most professional and dedicated that will go the furthest, but it really isn’t competitive in the back-stabbing way that people think. I am always more than happy to help out other models and have even done a little bit of model management. What I don’t like about the modeling industry is that it is full of scams and people telling you that you have to compromise on your morals and self-respect to get anywhere. It may be harder to take the high road, but it is definitely possible and that is why aspiring models often ask for my opinion before going ahead with jobs that they feel unsure about.


What have been your highlights in your modeling career?
I have worked for a lot of high profile companies like Samsung, Toyota, and Amazon. What I feel most proud of right now is what I’ve done with my acting career, and the fashion shows that I have been in the past year. Being 5’7″ dosen’t make it easy to get jobs as a runway model, but I love modeling fashion and doing fashion shows and I am very proportionate so fortunately I look quite tall, people usually guess 5’9″. I have also been working on shooting an independant film called IOWA as the protagonist, Alice. Working on this film has done everything for my acting skills and has been an amazing experience. I have also done a couple of commercials and music videos that I am pround of my personal progress in.

Who is your favorite actor / actress?
Jennifer Lawrence. Or maybe Scarlett Johansson. I try to put myself in the shoes of actors and actresses when I watch them and there is just so much talent out there that there are quite a few actors and actresses who really inspire me.

What trait do you like most about yourself?
I think I have a pretty great personality. haha   I am driven, caring, a passionate dreamer, and dedicated to always doing the right thing. But as far as physical traits, I love that I can eat whatever I want and don’t even have to work out to keep my abs visible.

What traits do you dislike most about yourself?
I really just wish I was couple of inches taller, two more inches would make my life so much easier.


What do you most value in your friends?
Loyalty and supportive-ness. I am always interested in hearing what other people think when I am forming conclusions or making decisions and having honest feedback from people who truey care about my best interests is extremely valuable.

What internet websites do you spend most of your time on?
I spent a huge amount of time on Instagram and Snapchat.

What is your top unfulfilled fantasy?
To be in a place where I have earned enough success and respect that people don’t ever see me as something weaker than they are that they can prey on and try to take advantage of. Maybe that’s more of a goal than a fantasy haha. But my goals are what I think about more than anything.

If you could customize any car, what would it be? What color?
Hmm, right now probably an Audi R8, although i’m really watching what Tesla has been doing lately with all of the new technology. I come from a big car family so I get interested in a lot of different cars depending on whats going on.

What is your best physical feature?
It really depends on where you are coming from. Some people say my eyes, some think my curvy butt, and I’ve had a lot of people lately saying my feet actually. In my personal opinion I think I like my nose the best. It turns up a little at the end like a ski-jump and I’ve always liked it.


What physical feature would you change if you could?
My height. I want to be 5’9″ and a Victoria Secret angel.

How do you keep in such great shape?
Really I just have a fast metabolism. I do love UFC boxing but I have been doing it less and less often to try and keep my hands pretty.

What do you like to do when you’re not modeling? Hobbies?
My hobbies are reading, singing, playing the piano, swimming, boxing, and I love to travel.

Do you have any pets? What kind?
I don’t have any pets right now. I love animals but I am just too busy running around everywhere modeling and traveling to be fair to a pet at this point in my life.

What frightens you the most?
While I am a very cautious and practical person, it’s actually not that easy to scare me. I may even be somewhat over confident. But I am very protective of my family and friends and I do feel afraid for them sometimes.

Photo by Michael @ www.bleuhousephotography.com

What’s your most prized possession?
I’m not actually much of a “stuff” person, I’m not currently in possession of any ancient family heirlooms and pretty much anything can be replaced. I do have a particular care for clothes that designers give me so that I will tag them in my pictures, I am really good about that and it’s something I really enjoy doing. Not that I wouldn’t melt into a puddle of happiness over a new pair of Louboutins right now.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? Special talents?
I am Christian to the core. I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and will not budge on my morals. I was raised very conservatively: no TV, no makeup, and always wore modest skirts and dresses. A special talnet I have is that I have an unusually curvy spine and I can bend so far backwards that I can put my feet on my shoulders.

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?
My phone, water, skin care.

Favorite television show or movie?
There are so many good ones… maybe Gone With the Wind. I’m really into historical fiction.

What is your favorite type of food?
I love food. Another interesting fact about me is that I have tried all kinds of weird things and have never found a kind of food I didn’t like. I would have to say my favorite is Italian though, it’s mostly what I was raised on.

Boxers or Briefs?
Actually… boxer briefs.


What is your dream car?
I could dig a matte black Lamborghini so I could feel like I had a Batmobile. But I wouldn’t turn down a candy apple red Ferrari 458 Spider either.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people are late. I’m always early to everything.

Who is your favorite recording artist?
I don’t think I can say I have a favorite. I really have a huge range when it comes to music. I listen to a lot of mainstream italian stuff and for spanish I like Nicky Jam. For english music I would say the most talented artist is Taylor Swift, but if she is my favorite just depends on the day.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
That my parents would get be together again someday.

What is your greatest regret?
I wish that I had treated my little sister better when we were kids.


What quality do you like most in a man?
Honesty. If a guy lies to me I’m out.

What quality do you like most in a woman?
All of my girlfriends are classy, driven women who know what they want and have a strong moral code. High self-esteem and no shallowness.

What is your motto?
Always trust your gut.

Tell us about any upcoming projects of yours?
The film I’m starring in, IOWA, should hopefully be released by the end of the year. I guess that’s more of a current project, but I’m really excited to see the finished product.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
In 5 years I will have my own agency and will be living in LA and working every day. I also have a passion for philanthropy and want to start my own international charity foundation.


Article and Interview by Gear And Groove
Photo Credit:  @5twenty1photography, Aaron Bratkovics (@aaronbratkov), Bleu House Photography